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I have been purchasing property in the Central Valley as a full-time real estate investor since 2014. The majority of the residences purchased are in distressed condition and in need of significant repair and rehabilitation. I truly enjoy helping homeowners who are looking to sell their unwanted and/or distressed properties, renovating and reselling those homes at a fair market price, and adding value to communities by reducing neighborhood blight and increasing property values. I am passionate about real estate investments, with a particular focus on short-term "fix and flip" projects. I am also actively seeking single and multi-family properties, as well as small apartment complexes, to expand my rental portfolio.



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In 2014, while my husband was building our business from the ground up, I was working as a high school counselor and providing financially for our family of four. I spent nearly 20 years in education and can honestly say, “I loved it!” However, as our company has grown, so has the need for me to play a larger role. In August 2022, I officially retired from my W-2 position, and my focus has quickly shifted from high school counseling to managing our companies’ finances, supporting the “fix and flip” portion of our business, and overseeing our rental properties. But, the best part of all is now having the freedom to travel and enjoy more time with my family!



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As the Operations Manager, Morgan is Jason’s, right-hand woman. She has the privilege of spearheading the renovations and as a licensed agent, handles all dispositions. Morgan gains so much joy and satisfaction out of bringing distressed homes back to life and watching them take on a new chapter in their story. Her role is critical to improving our community and providing newly renovated, affordable housing for families in the Central Valley—houses for a family to call home and homes to be filled with love.

Morgan is equally as passionate about managing and supporting the team and leading us all toward success. She believes in cultivating an intentional mindset and believing that together we can achieve anything we set out to accomplish. This is key to creating a thriving team with thriving results!


Director of Operations


I entered the real estate market in 2018 as a realtor. Over the course of the last 6 years, I have helped hundreds of families handle their real estate needs via direct purchases off-market. I now focus on helping sellers move on from tough situations or enter into their golden years of retirement by providing an honest, fair, and friendly solution. My role on the team involves communicating with the homeowner and discussing what objectives they are hoping to achieve, then providing multiple options to achieve that goal.


Director of Acquisitions

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Jade oversees our virtual sales team and is responsible for contacting thousands of sellers on a daily basis. She submits all direct mail orders, reports daily, weekly, and monthly KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), follows up on all leads from our CRM, runs comps, analyzes deals, negotiates offers, and sends out contracts/assignment agreements via DocuSign.


Acquisitions & Marketing Manager

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Utilizing online software programs such as CallRail, Podio, and the scripts we have shared on this website, Lori is able to efficiently engage potential sellers via cold calling and text messaging campaigns. She follows up on all leads from our CRM. She also assists with reporting daily, weekly, and monthly KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and other administrative tasks including, data scrubbing and tool maintenance.


Inside Sales Agent


Raya is in charge of identifying potential properties and efficiently engaging potential sellers through cold calling, inbound calling, and following up on all leads from our CRM. She utilizes online software programs such as CallRail, Podio, CallTools, and the scripts shared on this website. In addition, she manages other administrative tasks, including data scrubbing, sending city data requests, and processing all direct mail orders. Raya also runs comps and is responsible for providing accurate and timely Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) reports to assist in property valuation, determining the Maximum Allowable Offer (MAO) for the sellers.


Inside Sales Agent



Escrow Manager

Lalaine plays a role across several areas, including sales and acquisitions, as well as transaction coordination. She communicates with potential sellers through cold calling and utilizes online software programs such as REsimpli, CallTools, and the scripts shared on this website. She is responsible for all tasks associated with the Escrow process, from opening to closing. Lalaine sends the Escrow email to Title to initiate the Escrow process, checks preliminary reports, coordinates on sending Earnest Money Deposits (EMD), and follows up on the status of closing. Simultaneously, she works hand in hand with the sellers, providing them with any updates on Escrow, and coordinates with the seller and all other parties if anything is needed to move forward with the transaction. Lalaine also contributes to the Pay-per-lead campaign by tracking all leads that enter our system. She monitors charges per lead, lead status, and sends disputes accordingly. Additionally, she is responsible for the Trustee Sales process, where she drafts and sends out all Notices of Intent to Bid (NOIBs) on every property we are interested in.



Althea plays a critical role across several areas of operations and project management. She has a keen eye for detail and keeps our team organized. Althea assists with transaction coordination, turns utilities on/off, orders insurance for all properties, approves phone orders, and requests weekly progress pictures/videos on all current rehabs. In the area of property management, Althea manages both our long-term rentals and Airbnb. She posts vacancies, screens prospective tenants, collects all documentation, schedules showings, sends lease agreements via DocuSign, responds to all maintenance requests, and schedules repairs.

Operations Admin Assistant




Nakia is responsible for the construction management component of our business. He oversees all projects, ensuring our contractors and vendors deliver the project on time, at or under budget, and to the expectations of our team. Nakia also uses his unique skills to resolve maintenance issues at both our long-term and short-term rental properties.


Project Manager

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